Combine classes for quantity discounts!

   Design #1                                                      Design #2                                                              Design #3

Circle #1                                                            Circle #2                                                                  Circle #3

Quantity   12-23     24-47     48-71     72 & up

                      $11        $10          $9            $8

Back #4                                                                    Back #5                                                                 Back #6               

Back #1                                                               Back #2                                                                  Back #3

Design #4                                                            Design #5                                                            Design #6

Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade are a special time in children's lives and we've created shirts the kids will love and the parents will cherish for years to come.

1. Our "Circle Design" shirts are portraits of the students drawn by the kids themselves or an adult if you want a neater look. They are printed on shirt fronts only.

2. The "Design" shirts are all printed with the same graphic on the fronts and each individual class graphic on the backs.

Classes can be combined to reach quantity prices, for example, four classes with an of 16 students equaling a total of 72 shirts or more would all be priced at the 72 & up cost.

Want to see what your class shirts would look like? Scroll down to the contact form below and send a design request. Be sure to include the design number for front & back, school name, mascot, shirt and print color.