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Custom printed school apparel is a great way to raise funds while building school spirit at the same time. We have a really good fundraising program and here's how it works. Choose from one of the design templates below, click our designs and mascots link to see hundreds more options or if you already have a design in mind send it along and we'll work it up for you. When you're happy with the design we'll provide you with an order form. Make copies for each student, they'll return the form with payment made to the school. Send the forms to us, we'll print the items and attach each students form to their garments which makes distributing easy. The school sends us a check when everything has been delivered and is satisfactory. You need no money up front and don't have to tie up your funds purchasing items that you may not be able to sell. The school's price is listed below along with the suggested student price although you can increase or decrease the student prices to maximize profits/take the minimum profit for student benefit.

Want to see what your school shirt would look like? Scroll down to the contact form and send a request. Be sure to include school name, mascot, shirt color, school colors, etc...